If you’re involved in handling the registration process for an amateur hockey league or other grassroots hockey association, then you’ve probably experienced some of the headaches involved with collecting the correct registration fees on a timely manner.


As part of Pointstreak’s Fall 2013 Recap, our hockey registration software product (under our broader suite of hockey software products) boasts two brand new features that completely automate and streamline the registration process. Our first new feature, the “membership” functionality, is a tool designed for multi-level organizations. This new membership model allows multi-level organizations, such as governing bodies with regional chapters and grassroots leagues, to collect their own membership data and fees. Moreover, our data security ensures that each level only sees information/data which they are entitled access to. In essence, this allows farm leagues/teams to set their own registration guidelines and fees, allowing the governing level to focus on its own set of membership fees and guidelines.


Our second feature addresses the issue of installment plans within a hockey league registration process. Typically, when a league allows customers to pay in installments, the registrar must manually email the registrant with reminders, or rely on the registrant to pay the due fees on time. However, with our newly integrated installment plan reminders, the installment plan reminders has become completely automated, eliminating the need for manual reminders. To illustrate, for customers who chose an automated installment plan to pay league fees, Pointstreak Registration will now automatically send those customers a reminder email a specified number of days before the next payment is processed. This gives your customers a chance to ensure their credit cards have the available balance to cover the installment fee by that date, thus avoiding declined transactions and the need for Admins to go in and fix broken installments.




To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of sports software, visit us at our blog!

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