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During the 2013 – 2014 season, the American West Hockey League (AWHL, now merged with the NA3HL), a small USA Hockey Junior A Tier 3 league, realized the astounding positives associated with Pointstreak’s powerful streaming software solutions.


The AWHL opened the 2013-2014 season as a seven-team league, of which six live-streamed their games through Pointstreak. Two months into the season however, the seventh team quickly realized that it was missing out on potential revenue and was isolated from the overall league brand. Determined to right this wrong, the team decided to end its contract with their local cable provider, instead transitioning to the sports video streaming service provided under Pointstreak’s dedicated hardwired network.


Following the transition, the results were almost instantaneous and clearly evident:

  • The team immediately experienced a dramatic 75% increase in subscription revenue
  • Generated $32,500 in sales for the year
  • Averaged 35 pay per view customers per game
  • Increased brand exposure and awareness for individual teams and the AWHL
Above: Pointstreak Stream in action

Though Pointstreak’s Stream and Live Publisher solutions increased brand exposure and league revenue, its positive reach delved much deeper than just numbers. For Gary Swain, the Commissioner of the AWHL, the biggest benefit of Pointstrak Stream is the ability to view major penalites and infractions that may need to be ruled upon, in near real time. When asked to comment about Pointstreak’s streaming implementation, Swain described the system as “amazing, it would be the best thing that could happen… and that’s what we spend so much time on and to be able to see it in quick-time or in snippets, it is a homerun.”

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