Meet Mark Bowden. No, he didn’t write Black Hawk Down, nor is he an editor at Vanity Fair, although we’re sure he reads the magazine. Recently crowned the runner up at Pointstreak’s Toronto Office Ping Pong Tournament, Mark is a Pointstreak Account Executive, specializing in all things basketball. An avid fan, Mark holds his own on the court (see below), and uses his passion for basketball to fuel his drive in the office.



The Basketball Tournament (TBT) is a winner-take-all, $500,000 knock-out competition. Open to any team, the event has quickly grown since its inception, with this year’s final to be aired live on ESPN 3 on June 28th. Mark recently returned from TBT’s main event, which played all matches up to the final. TBT used Pointstreak’s Basketball Statistics Software, scoring applications that deliver live statistics online instantly. Mark was live-tweeting the event on a Pointstreak account, sharing links to real-time statistics powered by Pointstreak. The account received almost 20,000 views throughout the competition, with people all over North America tuning in to follow along. With the growth of TBT expected, Pointstreak is excited to continue working closely with the competition.


While Mark’s constantly connected to Pointstreak’s live-scoring, following his favourite teams in real time, he doesn’t only focus on statistics software. Mark also represents Pointstreak’s Online Registration, Websites, Video Coaching Tools and the soon to be released Mobile Apps. This technology integrates team and league management, functioning efficiently and effectively, with Pointstreak Support always available to solve any problems that may appear.


For people like Mark who bleed basketball, Pointstreak’s basketball technology enhances the game, making the experience more enjoyable for all to partake in. If you have any questions about Pointstreak’s basketball software, email Mark at mbowden (at) pointstreak (dot) com or check out our website: http://www.pointstreaksolutions.com/

An example of how Pointstreak’s basketball software works together to improve your experience.

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