As part of our Spring 2013 Recap, Pointstreak Sports Technologies is proud to announce an exciting new update to our sports sites software. At Pointstreak, persistent perfection and constant innovation are ingrained in our DNA. That’s why we’re proud to reveal three new additions to our catalog of website software.


Starting this summer, clients can access new training videos, which promote ease of use within your league’s sports website software. These brand new ‘how to’ videos are designed for both novice and advanced users of Pointstreak’s website content management system.


Next, visitors have the ability to subscribe to your events calendar on their phones or computers. Any new events or changes to existing events will automatically appear in your subscriber’s personal calendar. This feature effectively eliminates the confusions that arise when events, meetings and game times change.




To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of sports software, visit us at our blog!

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