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    • Different registration paths based on gender or ZIP/postal code: Present a different set of registration options depending on your registrant’s postal code or gender. This prevents, for example, parents from registering their children in the wrong program and saves Admins the hassle of correcting these mistakes.  
    •   Instalment plan reminders: For customers who chose an automated installment plan to pay league fees, Pointstreak Registration will now send those customers a reminder email a specified number of days before the next payment is processed. This gives your customers a chance to ensure their credit cards have the available balance to cover the instalment fee by that date, thus avoiding declined transactions and the need for Admins to go in and fix broken instalments.     
    • Improved text customization and multi-language support: Every customer-facing element within Pointstreak Registration can now be edited by an Admin to suit their organization’s needs. This also includes the ability to set up multiple languages, so that a user can toggle between, for example, English and Spanish.    
    • New ‘Membership’ functionality: Designed for multi-level organizations, such as governing bodies with regional chapters and grassroots leagues, this new membership model allows each level to collect their own membership data and fees. Appropriate data security ensures each level only sees data which they are entitled to.      
    • Strengthened waiver: New and improved waiver process forces each and every player in your organization to unambiguously acknowledge and digitally sign your liability waiver, creating a clear and permanent digital record.  



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    • Auto game recaps automatically post to news aggregator: Pointstreak Sites clients can choose to automatically post their Narrative Science generated game summaries to their Pointstreak-powered website.

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    • New & Improved GAME LIVE: The new GAME LIVE includes a fresh new look, better navigation, video integration and now works on more devices thanks to our move to HTML, a more widely used standard compared to Flash. This means GAME LIVE now works on more devices, notably iOS (iPads, iPhones) and Android devices.         
    •  New & improved pointstreak.com: A new consumer-focused homepage boasts an intelligence engine that shows the most popular games, stories and videos from across Pointstreak’s network at any given point in time. This makes every visit to www.pointstreak.com a fresh and timely experience.  
    •  Editable auto game recaps (hockey): Automated game summaries, provided through our partnership with Narrative Science, can now be easily edited, allowing you to take the computed generated version and add a human touch, such as extra game details, a quote from a player or a preview of your next game.


    Pointstreak 5050 

    • New mobile app: New Pointstreak 5050 mobile app allows raffle participants to easily look up key information about their local raffle, such as what amount the jackpot is at and what the winning ticket number was.
    •   Front Row Marketing: New partnership with Front Row Marketing provides Pointstreak 5050 clients with the opportunity to increase or introduce sponsorship sales and commercial rights associated with their 50/50 raffle.
    •  Junior hockey case study: Learn more about how the WHL’s Moose Jaw Warriors increased raffle revenues by 404%. 
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