As of our Spring 2014 Recap, Pointstreak Registration now allows for a league manager/registrar to easily plot customer mailing addresses on a map, providing for the first time ever a fresh perspective on exactly where your customers live.


With integration into with Google Maps, this new feature allows a league admin to upload all players’ addresses and creates a plot of their customers. Accessible regardless of whether a client is using Pointstreak’s draw-your-league-own-boundary-in-Google-Maps (which is well suited for Little Leagues and so on,) any Pointstreak Registration customer can take advantage of this new functionality.



Plotting your customers on a visual map can unlock useful insights, for example:

  • Scheduling more games in customer-dense areas

  • Spotting new business opportunities (e.g. build a new rink)

  • Courting local retailers as league sponsors

About Pointstreak Registration: Pointstreak’s online player registration software and financial reporting system erases the burden on team organizers by cutting paperwork and adding convenience. Totally automated, a league manager can track who has paid and use reports and financial tools to really understand their market.


To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of league and team software, visit our blog!

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