Part of Pointstreak’s vision and mission is to pioneer the new way in sports. For example, for years, only the pro leagues had real-time scoring until Pointstreak came along and created affordable technology that allowed ANY league to deliver live scores to their fans. Over the years, we’ve continued to push the democratization of other technology that were previously the exclusive domain of pro leagues. For example, automated video highlights, and most recently, live streaming, can all be found in Pointstreak’s interactive, mobile-friendly score center which we call Game Live.¬†


Check out the latest version of GAME LIVE, our interactive scoreboard for sports leagues and part of Pointstreak Stats, our league statistics platforms for baseball, softball, lacrosse, hockey, soccer and basketball.


Pointstreak Stats: Game Live for baseball

*PLEASE NOTE: Game Live is available for the sports of Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer and Basketball. Mobile optimization and integration with video highlights (Pointstreak Live Publisher) and live video streaming (Pointstreak Stream) differs from sport to sport. Please talk to a Pointstreak representative about your specific situation and needs.

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