If you’re involved in managing the registration process for a sports league, then you’ve most likely experienced the hassles associated with the hundreds of different options presented to you at the time of registration.


Typically, different programs have different requirements, sorting potential participants using gender and location. In this case, if the participant falls within the desired registration requirements, then a registrar can cash in the cheque and finalize the registration process. However if they don’t fall within the requirements, the registrar must pick up the phone and tell them that they are ineligible for the league/program. Who wants to deal with such headache?


Now imagine an automated registration system that presents a different set of registration options, depending on your registrant’s postal code or gender. This prevents, for example, parents from registering children in the wrong program and saves Admins the hassle of correcting these mistakes. For instance, a female registrant would be directed to a different program page, compared to a male registrant. Through this effective system, all program requirements are met by the registrant, eliminating error and streamlining the process of registration. As part of our Fall 2013 recap, Poinstreak Registration now offers the above functionality, strengthening our existing content of software solutions.



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