Pointstreak 5050 review

See why the move to electronic 50/50 raffling could elevate your fundraising efforts to the next level


If you’ve ever experienced the immense workload associated with traditional paper raffling, you’ve probably dealt with the years worth of headaches and inefficiencies that come with it: Time consuming paperwork, missed sales opportunities, reporting inaccuracies or perhaps worst of all, ending up on the bad side of your local gaming regulator.

If you’ve felt these pains, then you’ve probably also thought to yourself: “There’s got to be a better way to run raffles these days.” If so, read on to see why Pointstreak’s innovative 50/50 raffle software is the ideal raffle fundraising solution for organizations from any industry, any size.

What is raffle software?

Raffle management software – as opposed to traditional pre-printed, paper raffle – is an electronically automated way of running a more successful raffle system, which provides across-the-board benefits over the traditional print-based system. Compared to print-based raffles, raffle softwares ensures that ticket supply will always match demand; there’s more time to sell more tickets, speed of sales is increased and perhaps most potent of all, you are able to show real-time jackpot totals on local stadium screens, driving awareness, piquing interest and ultimately fueling more sales.

Spearheading the raffle software movement is Pointstreak 5050, an industry leading, electronic 50/50 raffle management system that drives consumer participation in raffle events while providing clear accountability for leading sports organizations and their associated charities. 

                                             50/50 jackpot screen with raffle management software

Real-time, growing jackpots create excitement and ultimately fuel more sales than paper-based raffles.

How does raffle software work?

First, Pointstreak 5050’s raffle software tracks and collects raffle purchases through touch screen kiosks and mobile hand-held devices, dramatically saving time while improving convenience for customers. Compared to traditional print-based raffling methods, Pointstreak’s raffle software ensures increased customer engagement through ease of use and availability. Customers don’t have to wait in line, jackpots and rewards continue to grow with participation, and there is an unlimited supply of tickets available to sell.

                                 paper 50/50 raffle vs. electronic 50/50 raffle softawre

Secondly, through the use of wired or wireless technology, every transaction is electronically tallied and updated to scorecards and display areas throughout the venue, effectively creating excitement and resulting in proven increases in raffle sales.

Finally and most importantly, the Pointstreak 5050’s fully automated process ensures accountability, eliminates human error, and provides up to the minute reporting for both internal and external recording purposes.

Is electronic raffling right for me?

To this day, Pointstreak 5050 raffle software has been used by the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Penguins, Orlando Magic, PGA Tour, CFL and Hockey Canada to name a few. These are some big-name clients, but is electronic 50/50 raffling suited for smaller organizations like yours?

Experience has proven that Pointstreak 5050 is an effective fundraising tool for many different types and sizes of organizations. At the pro level, automated raffling is a hands-down no-brainer.. Some cases in point:

                                             raffle software results

But does the investment only pay off in the pro’s? The answer is no. Electronic raffling pays off for clubs in the feeder leagues as well, from junior hockey (WHL’s Moose Jaw Warriors saw their raffle revenues increase 404%) to A and AA baseball.

traditional paper raffle vs. raffle software

Charts above taken from our Moose Jaw Warriors Case Study

For example, the Lake County Captains, a single ‘A’ minor league baseball affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, experienced a 300% increase in average nightly draws. Despite concerns of implementing nearly halfway through their season, “[The Captains] were literally up and running in a day and haven’t looked back”, according to Lake Country VP & GM Brad Seymour.

Beyond sports, raffle software technology is also helping non-profit or municipal organizations fund their missions, from fire departments to food banks.

For example, the Perth-Andover Fire Department was able to fundraise more efficiently and allowed them purchase better firefighting equipment; something that wouldn’t have been possible under a traditional paper-based raffling system. Utilizing Pointstreak’s “Goldrush” flavour of 50/50 raffling software, the Perth-Andover Fire Department easily collected and reconciled raffle sales from multiple locations, resulting in 500% decrease in time spent. “When we started this lotto fund raising, we didn’t imagine it would ever get as big as it did” explained Chief Firefighter Walker. “As it stands now if we didn’t have the Pointstreak 5050 system operating, we would have had to stop. It was just too much work and time for our sellers and our firefighters to manage.”

In every case, Pointstreak 5050’s raffle software has been an overwhelming success. Overall, excitement, ease of use, affordability, and compliance with local gaming regulations makes Pointstreak 5050 a “must have” when looking to add revenue to your game, event, or organization.


To see more successful stories of Pointstreak 5050 in action, head over to our featured clients page or read our real-world case studies. If you’re ready to start exploring the use of Pointstreak 5050 for your organization, contact a Pointstreak representative.

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