We are well aware that sports organizations have plenty of choices out there when it comes to “online registration” providers. They are a dime a dozen and they all claim basically the same thing. Collect player information. Organize it. Collect money. And usually there’s some cliché about parents-in-slippers and “in the convenience of their own home”. All incredibly impressive stuff – assuming you are a time-traveler from the year 2003. Nowadays, it’s expected that registration takes place online and it’s expected to be “convenient” by default.


At Pointstreak, we try to go beyond expectations. Our vision is to build intelligent league registration software. We like to think we’re building registration technology for the year 2015, not 2003.


But what does ‘intelligent registration’ mean, exactly? It means our registration platform is designed to perform certain tasks better and faster than a human could. For example, in the past, if you wanted to break up your league fees into manageable chunks for clients, you would have your admin staff mark on a calendar who owed what and when. On the appropriate date, you or someone would have to remember to pull up that customer’s credit card and run it through the system. Repeat for another 200 customers and you’re done. What a waste time for you and your support staff! Not to mention that keeping credit card numbers on paper is a needless security and privacy risk.


An intelligent registration system automates the above situation. It gives the customer the choice to pay in full – in which case, the system can optionally offer a 5% discount (this gets cash into your bank account faster) – or to pay in installments. If the customer chooses the installment plan, Pointstreak Registration will automatically bill that customer’s credit card on the exact date agreed upon. It will give alert the customer by email that their credit card is about to charged and for what amount so they can check their balance and avoid an embarrassing declined card situation. Lastly, and no small thing, Pointstreak’s registration system encrypts customer card information so securely that even Pointstreak couldn’t tell you what a registrant’s credit card number is.


Pretty smart, huh? Learn more at www.pointstreak.com/registration

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