As part of our Spring 2014 Recap, Pointstreak Sports Technologies is excited to announce a brand new self-administration tool within your league’s registration system, which will enhance usability, save time and prevent headaches for players, registrants and families currently using Pointstreak Registration.


With this update, registrants can allow customers to login and self-edit their registrations within your league’s account system. As a result, registrants can focus on important aspects of league registration without having to deal with headaches and phone calls and emails from customers asking for changes.


Further, customers who, for example, buy a 5-pack of sessions don’t have to register for all 5 sessions at the point of purchases. This gives customers the flexibility to alter their schedules and registration dates without having to worry about tentative forthcoming events or potential conflicts in the future. With this added functionality, customers can buy a 5-pack and then register later at their convenience for specific sessions. Thus, as an organization, you secure their business sooner while helping people with busy lives plan out their schedules.




To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of league and team software, visit our blog!

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