As part of our Fall 2013 Quarterly Recap, Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. is please to announce two new maintenance updates to our rich catalog of registration software. Firstly, we have added improved text customization and multi-language support. This allows administrators to edit every customer-facing element within Pointstreak Registration, to effectively suit their individual organization’s needs. This also includes the ability to set up multiple languages, so that a user can toggle between, for example, English and Spanish. In essence, this feature allows registrants to modify their registration software to suit the needs of specific regions, requirements and levels.


Our next update includes a strengthened waiver system, which forces each and every player in your organization to unambiguously acknowledge and digitally sign your liability waiver, creating a clear and permanent digital record. With this feature, registrants have the ability to restrict league registration to only those who have successfully completely the liability waiver form, effectively eliminating confusion and risk for your league.




To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of sports software, visit us at our blog!

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