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  1. Spray Chart: For clients using our pro-level stats platform with situational stats enabled, this new features tracks and displays the outcome of each hit.
  2. Probable pitcher on scoreboard: Displays the probable pitchers and their win / loss record for scheduled games.
  3. Redesigned admin tools: Baseball administrative tools redesigned in order to take advantage of modern browsers and to create clean, modern look.

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Pointstreak Registration Online Registration icon

  1. New “Warning List” functionality: Allows you to create a list of unwanted customers (e.g. problem players). When a customer registers for your league, the registration system will compare their name, email, phone numbers and addresses to the Warning List. If there is a match on any of the criteria, you will be informed by email, allowing you to intervene early.
  2. Charge additional fees based on type of registration: An optional feature that allows you to add additional fees that can change depending on the type of registration your customer chooses. For example, if you offer programs for basketball and volleyball, you could set up your registration so that customers have to buy a basketball or volleyball as part of their registration.
  3. Pay-in-Full discount: Allows you to discount your organization’s fees if the registrant chooses to pay 100% of the fee upfront instead of choosing to pay only part of the fee.
  4. Pay-by-Credit-Card discount: Allows you to discount your organization’s fees if the registrant choose to pay by credit card. Useful if you’re trying to encourage credit card usage in order to avoid the time-consuming paper work associated with checks, cash, etc.
  5. Upload picture to player’s stats profile: While customers are registering with your league, they can now optionally upload a picture of themselves that will then display on their Pointstreak Stats player page. To ensure no inappropriate pictures are uploaded, there is a tool to allow Admins to easily review and approve pictures.
  6. Private notes on volunteers: Admins can add private notes on particular volunteers that are only visible to qualified admins.
  7. Confirming customer’s contact information: Particularly useful for organizations whose membership has gone through many registration cycles, this optional feature allows you to prompt registrants to update their contact information (for example, if they have since moved or changed phone numbers).

                               a.                    e.      Uploading picture to player's stats profile


Pointstreak Sites Websites icon

  • New training videos: Brand new ‘how to’ videos for novice and advanced users of Pointstreak’s website content management system.      
  • Visitors can subscribe to your calendar: Visitors on your site can now subscribe to your events calendar on their phones or computers. Any new events or changes to existing events will automatically appear in your subscriber’s personal calendar.
  • New customer support section: Pointstreak’s customer support site has been updated with a cleaner look, easier navigation, and more support materials.


Pointstreak 5050 

  • Support for traditional paper-based raffles: Known as “5050 ETR”, this allows organizations and/or charities operating in jurisdictions where full electronic 50/50 raffling is not yet permitted to still realize some of the benefits of Pointstreak 5050. Specifically, tracking and promoting near real-time jackpots to build fan excitement, useful financial, accounting and reconciliation reports.
  • Second chance draws: Allows your raffle participants to register in a secondary draw, for example, a draw that extends over an entire season or event. Useful for organizations where collecting participant contact information is important from a sponsorship and marketing perspective.

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