New calendar functionality within Pointstreak Registration streamlines scheduling for the entire league, parents, and participants, eliminating confusion and saving time


If you’ve ever experienced the hassles and headaches associated with re-scheduling meetings, appointments and programs for a sports organization or other grassroots athletic association, Pointstreak’s enhanced calendar functionality is here to help.


Typically, when a program schedule is changed or cancelled, a registrar has to manually reach out to players, guardians and leagues through email, phone or in person. What a waste of time, and a bad experience for the registrar, families, and players!


Now imagine a streamlined online calendar, that displays your organization’s public programs in a user-friendly calendar format. Customers and participants can see available classes, rental times, and instructors directly from the registration page, before they decided to register for a program. Better yet, this powerful new feature includes the optional ability for customers to modify their selections within a specified grace period, meaning clients have the freedom and flexibility to change their mind: Say NO to being locked down! Finally, any changes or cancellations regarding the calendar are automatically and immediately relayed to the customer, instructor and admins, saving time and effort for all parties. No more waiting for the registrar to send out emails, no phone calls, and no angry parents or players.


As part of Pointstreak’s Winter 2014 Recap, our league registration software (under our broader suite of sports software solutions) boasts a brand new way to effectively synchronize the above process. Using an integrated, streamlined schedule, you can now use Pointstreak Registration to alleviate the headaches, workload, and time associated with scheduling a baseball program.


Check out this walkthrough video to see the feature in action:




To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of league and team software, visit our blog!

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