Pointstreak Stats Statistics icon


  • Improved bracket tool: More flexible tool makes editing and moving elements around within your bracket easier and faster.
  • Pitch count tool: Tallies up a player’s pitches and automatically sets them to eligible or ineligible and also tells you when their next eligible game is.
  • Scores only: Gives you the ability to simply enter in the final result of a baseball or softball game without entering the full game stats.
  • Probable Starters: Display probable home and away starting pitchers on the schedule page.   


  • Rate-a-Ref tool: Gather feedback from your customers (via Team Locker Room (TLR)) on the quality of refereeing and get reports on who’s performing well and who’s not. Team captains measure each Referee on five categories (e.g. Professionalism) on scale of 1 to 5.
  • iPad app beta test: Register for a chance to be a beta tester for our new iPad hockey scoring app (official launch Fall 2012).

Pointstreak Registration Online Registration icon

  • Distribute team payments without TLR:You no longer need to rely on Team Locker Room (TLR) in order to give your team managers the ability to distribute payments amongst their teammates (great for reducing the financial burden on team organizers). You can now use this feature completely within your registration system, TLR, or both.     
  • New registration email notifications: Registration system automatically emails a copy of the invoice to a predefined list of people (e.g. Treasurer) when a new registration takes place.   
  • Review & approve registrations: Admins can review and approve (or reject) a registration before a user is allowed to proceed and pay.  
  • Automatic player activation/deactivation: The registration system will deactivate a player in your Pointstreak Stats system if their balance drops below a pre-defined threshold (e.g. failed payment). Likewise, it will reactivate the player when their balance is in good standing (e.g. payment was made).

Pointstreak Sites Websites icon

  • Registration banners: Easily add eye-catching graphical banners that link your website directly to your Pointstreak registration system, reducing mistakes and the hassle of finding and copying registration links.  
  • Improved footer: Whereas the old footer only supported text links, this new and improved footer allows you to add images, videos, sponsors, or any other content that regular content blocks support. Good for promoting your sponsors or social media properties on every page of your site.

Pointstreak Live Publisher

  • Integration with Pointstreak Sites: If you use both Pointstreak Live Publisher and Pointstreak Sites, you can easily add your video highlight packages to your Pointstreak-powered website.
  • Video highlight packs: Admins can assemble their favorite video clips into “Highlight Packs” (e.g. “Top plays of the week”) for display through your Pointstreak Stats system.

Pointstreak 5050 

  • Mobile site: Microsite allows fans to see the raffle pot grow in real-time on their smartphone. Optional data collection possible (e.g. name, email, survey).
  • Timeline reports: Optimize future raffle sales by analyzing the who / when / where of past raffles: who sold the most (seller), which station sold the most (fixed kiosks) and when sales peaked (timeline graph).

Mobile Apps

Steva Sports

  • Video to Bench for iPad: Immediately access & review video on your iPad from the bench (for STEVA Pro customers). Click here for demo video.  
  • High-def video for iPads, iPhones & HTML5: New converter within STEVA is h.264 compatible, allowing for high definition video recording and playback , particularly useful for iPad, iPhone & HTML5 compatibility.

Cardinal Sports Management

Team Recruitment Center: Display your team’s player stats, team depth charts, videos highlights, NCAA Eligibility, college commitments and more on an eye-catching page for recruiters, media, family and fans. Deep integration with Pointstreak Stats and STEVA Cardinal Edition automates the updating of player profiles. Check out the CCHL’s Hawkesbury Hawks as an example.

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