In this recap, we’re going to put the spotlight on our freshly revamped Team Locker Room (TLR) where we’ll briefly cover:

  • Why TLR is good for your league – and your bottom line
  • Major improvements and fixes since its launch in August
  • A new TLR for iPhone app that’s in development plus other cool ideas we have on the drawing board for 2015
  • Ideas on how to promote TLR to your players
  • How you can contribute your feedback on TLR


What is TLR?

Team Locker Room (TLR)
is a free, mobile-friendly team management tool that helps captains, coaches and team managers save time organizing games. TLR helps your customers easily track game attendance, communicate with teammates, create line up charts, get game alerts and reminders, check out game stats, vote for 3 stars and more.


Why is TLR good for my league?

Widespread use of TLR within a league is expected to:

  • Reduce team organizer burn-out
  • Increase the likelihood of full roster turn-outs
  • Decrease the likelihood of forfeits

Obviously TLR is good for team captains. It helps them figure out game attendance and quickly communicate and organize with their team. But why is TLR good for your league? Your business?


Team organizers are a key type of customer. They’re the ones who bring in large chunks of revenue into your league. But as soon as the hassle of organizing starts to outweigh the fun, they pass on responsibility or they just quit. Anything you can do to reduce the burden on them will mean one less captain who calls it quits.

That’s the business logic behind Team Locker Room. It makes it easier to be a team organizer and increases the chances of them and their team returning the next year (with a big check for you).

Major fixes & improvements


We listened to and prioritized feedback from users and customers and have fixed up the following issues since the launch of TLR in August; with more improvements in the pipeline:

  • All notification issues have been resolved
  • Reduced number of advertisements
  • Facility location added to game reminders
  • Game lineups and who’s in and out added to all attendance reminders
  • Added a public “Stats” link for teams in leagues that use Pointstreak Stats
  • Improved look and feel
  • Reinstated mobile text messaging notifications
  • NEW! Distribution Lists: You can now easily message groups of people based on their label (e.g. spares, captains, goalies, etc). For example, you can quickly send a message to all your spares when you’ve got a short bench.

Distribution Lists

TLR for iPhone in 2015

We are working hard on developing and perfecting a free TLR app for the iPhone. Stay tuned for the announcement sometime in 2015 and sign up here if you’re interested in being a beta tester.

The Road Ahead

Here’s what’s in store for TLR in 2015:

  • Rate-a-Ref: Gather direct feedback from your customers on the quality of refereeing – a great way to do quality assurance checks on your customers’ game experience. Team captains will be able to use a Rate-a-Ref tool built right into TLR to measure each individual referee on five categories (e.g. Professionalism) on scale of 1 to 5, providing you with quick reports on who’s who’s performing well and who’s not.
  • Restoring desktop functionality: In our drive to make TLR mobile-friendly, we did have to claw back some traditional desktop functionality such as drag ‘n drop lines, full calendar functionality, etc. In 2015, our plan is to restore some or all of this functionality for desktop users.
  • iCal support: This will allow users to easily download their TLR schedules to Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.


How can I promote TLR to my players?

Download this useful TLR handout that highlights some key TLR features and benefits for captains and players:

  • Distribute to your players at Team Captain / Manager meetings
  • Print up and post in your facility’s locker rooms
  • Post the TLR handout to your social media profiles or email to customer lists


Feedback Wanted!


We are determined to make TLR valuable not only for captains and players, but for league owners and managers like yourself. We are encouraging constructive feedback from league owners/managers who can see the business potential in TLR. Put in your 2 cents by visiting our new TLR feedback form for Pointstreak customers.

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