Next generation of Pointstreak’s Team Locker Room boasts mobile capabilities, streamlined team admin tools and an improved look ‘n feel 

Pointstreak’s Team Locker Room (TLR) is about to go through a major overhaul that promises to make it mobile-friendly, faster, easier to use and easy on the eyes. At Pointstreak, we are committed to helping our users to connect, socialize and organize games with their coaches, fans and teammates. Constant innovation and persistent improvement are deeply ingrained in our DNA, and we’re pleased to bring a vastly improved experience based on feedback from users like you.

As of August, we will be launching a new version of Team Locker Room, which boasts newly revamped design and functionality. Sporting a new mobile friendly design, TLR is now optimized for almost all devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and Windows Phone among others. Read on to learn more about the changes.


Mobile Optimized!

Now set your attendance and communicate with your team mates from your phone or tablet with ease and while on the go.

 team management tool for iphone app   team management tool for ipad app   team management tool for android app                 –      TLR on iPhone                                                                     TLR on iPad                                                                         TLR on Android


Along with our mobile friendly design, Team Locker Room users can now enjoy quicker, more efficient performance. We’ve taken advantage of modern techniques and streamlined the code to speed up load times, so say goodbye to lag and performance slowdowns. Similarly, an enhanced messaging system ensures less spam emails and quick, effective notifications for coaches, players and supporters.



More Sports Supported!

Additional options are now available for different sports ensuring that the TLR experience is tailored for each distinct sport. For instance, our baseball clients have the ability to set starting batters and lineups, while basketball users have the option of choosing the starting lineup and the secondary rotation of players.



                                          Revamped Lineup Functionality                                                                               Roster Management and Labels 


Streamlined User Experience

Pointstreak’s team of developers have a renewed focus on improving user experience across all of Pointstreak’s products and services. In keeping with this new ‘make great experience’ ethos, we’ve streamlined the new TLR to make it easier to use, more intuitive, less spammy and overall a better experience. That meant some features were given the ax. The following features, that were being using by less than 1% of our current users, were removed:

  • Photos
  • Message board (“Chalkboard” will still be available)
  • Custom Player Awards (The 3 Stars of the Game feature will still be available)

New Home @ teamlockerroom.com

Going forward, if you need to access your TLR, just remember to go to www.teamlockerroom.com. All team information, users and rosters from our old Team Locker Room (www.pointstreak.net) will be ported over to the new and improved TLR. The old Team Locker Room will be available until September 1st, to allow users to access any old photos or information they may need. We will be shutting down signups to the old version of TLR in the first week of August.  


Help Us Spread the Word!


We’re proud of our new generation of Team Locker Room and we hope you like what you see. We are confident that it will enhance everyone’s experience and make your lives easier. If TLR does help you save time on team admin duties, then please help us spread the word by telling your friends via Facebook or Twitter!




If you’re looking for the best, fastest and mobile team attendance tracker tool, check out www.teamlockerroom.com.


For more information about Pointstreak Sports Technologies other products, visits our league software product site or for information about Pointstreak the company visit our corporate micro-site at company.pointstreak.com.

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