As part of our Spring 2013 Recap, Pointstreak Sports Technologies is proud to announce an exciting new update to our sports statistics software. At Pointstreak, persistent perfection and constant innovation are ingrained in our DNA. That’s why we’re proud to reveal three new additions to our catalog of baseball statistics software.


Firstly, a brand new Spray Chart allows clients using our pro-level stats platform (with situational stats enabled) to enable a new feature that tracks and displays the outcome of each hit. This feature allows clients to analyze informational statistics that are unavailable on traditional pen and paper stats platforms.


Second, using our analytics software, we have developed a ‘probable pitcher on scoreboard’ feature. This feature displays the probable pitcher and their win/loss record for scheduled games, enabling a more comprehensive feature set of statistics.


Finally, redesigned administrator tools allow administrators to take advantage of modern browsers to create a clean, modern look.




To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of sports software, visit us at our blog!




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