Pointstreak Registration clients can now offer their customers the convenience of logging to a league’s registration system using their existing Google, Facebook or Twitter Account.


In most leagues, customers typically often only register for a team or league once or twice a year, and often it is easy to forget their username and/or password from the prior year. Based on customer feedback, we learnt that oftentimes users would forget their usernames and would have to either go throw a password reset process or call the league for assistance; wasting league admin time.


This new social login functionality offers an ideal solution to the lost password problem. Using social media accounts, which most users are used almost daily, simplifies keeping track of passwords, and eliminates the hassle of resetting a password.


Pointstreak’s team registration software system erases the burden on team organizers by cutting paperwork and adding convenience. Highly automated, a league manager can track who has paid and use reports and financial tools to really understand their market.



To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of league and team software, visit our blog!

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