What is a 50/50 raffle?

A 50/50 raffle is a process in which vendors sell numbered tickets to buyers at a predetermined selling price. From here, the person whose ticket is drawn receives half of the total amount of the “pot”, while the other half goes to the benefiting organization, usually a charitable foundation.  



What is an electronic 50/50 raffle?

Electronic 50/50 raffle software- as opposed to traditional pre-printed, paper raffle – is an electronically automated way of running a more successful raffle system, which provides across-the-board benefits over the traditional print-based system.



Why is electronic 50/50 a good fundraising idea?

Compared to print-based raffles, electronic 50/50 raffle software ensures that ticket supply will always match demand; there’s more time to sell more tickets, speed of sales is increased and perhaps most potent of all, you are able to show real-time jackpot totals on local stadium screens, driving awareness, piquing interest and ultimately fueling more sales. Spearheading the raffle software movement is Pointstreak 5050, an industry leading, electronic 50/50 raffle management system that drives consumer participation in raffle events while providing clear accountability for leading sports organizations and their associated charities. Just ask the Cincinnati Reds, Orlando Magic, Arizona Coyotes or Hockey Canada. Fundraising through electronic 50/50 simply works.


Check out the infographic below for a comprehensive, visual look at how 50/50 raffles work:






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