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  • NEW! Set boundaries with Google Maps: Integration with Google Maps allows you to define your organizations geographical boundaries that can then accept or reject registrations based on ZIP / Postal Code. This is particularly useful for organizations – such as little leagues – that can only accept registrants that reside within their boundaries.


Set registration boundaries with Google Maps
VIDEO: A walk-through of new Google Maps integration.


  • NEW! Calendar functionality:
    This powerful new feature displays your organization’s public programs in a user-friendly calendar format. Your customers can see available classes, rental time and instructors and then register directly from that page. Useful features include: the optional ability for customers to modify their selections within a specified grace period; Automatic notifications to the customer, instructor and Admins if a program is changed or cancelled.
                                                                               Display your sports organization's programs on a calendar         
     VIDEO: A walk-through of new registration calendar functionality 


  • Payment incentives: Speed up your cash collection by offering your customers discounts if they choose to pay by credit card instead of pay in person; or if they pay-in-full instead of choosing an installment plan.      
  • Force payment on outstanding balance: Optional ability to force a customer to pay their outstanding balance before they can continue with a new registration.        
  • Limit number of players on a team roster: Previously available for team managers who create the roster themselves, this functionality now extends to registration situations where individual players are signing up for a team.   
  • Customers can update their credit card info: This optional feature allows your customers to update their own credit card information before they expire, saving Admins from chasing down failed payments sometimes caused by installment plans.        
  • Improved website integration: For Pointstreak Sites customers, a more seamless user experience when switching from your website to your registration system.     

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  • Video streaming enhancements: Pointstreak Stream, a live video streaming service, now comes embedded within Game Live and boasts integration with Live Publisher (for automatic game highlights) and Pointstreak Performance (to automatically upload player clips to player profiles).  


  • Improved playoff brackets: New playoff brackets sport a compact design with hover-over details and improved back-end tools for Admins.


  • Game Live for Lacrosse: Pointstreak’s interactive, live scoreboard has been customized for Lacrosse statistics and terminology.   
  • Next 3 game preview: For Pointstreak Stats baseball/softball clients using the league communications tool, Admins now have the option to include the next 3 days of scheduled games within the email. 

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  • Team roster snippet: Clients that have Pointstreak Stats can add a widget to their page that will automatically list their team roster.
  • Improved registration integration: A more seamless user experience when switching from your Pointstreak website to your Pointstreak registration system.

Pointstreak 5050 

  • Solicit optional donations: Called “Ask Donation”, this new feature allows Pointstreak 5050 clients to optionally add a fixed donation to the sale of each 50/50 ticket with the entirety of the donation going to the charity of the client’s choice.     
  • Sales report for baseball: New sales report for baseball clients that compiles sales transactions over a specified time with columns for First Pitch, Top 3rd, Top 5th, Top 7th and Draw Close. 

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