Firefighters fight fires (not paperwork)

The Perth-Andover Fire Department’s fundraising raffle program was so burdensome and time-consuming they were considering shutting the whole thing down. It simply tied up too much time from (much) more important duties. They then adopted an extended raffle system by raffle vendor Pointstreak 5050 and managed to reduce the time managing the raffle from 5 days to just 4 hours. This meant less low-value work for busy firefighters and more funds raised for firefighting resources, such as helping the purchase of a new fire engine. It also allowed the fire department to collect customer information (e.g. name, phone, email, etc) while allowing customers to purchase many draws in advance (you can read more about their success with Goldrush in this case study).

What is a Extended, Distributed Raffle?

An extended, distributed 50/50 raffle system securely networks together many small pots gathered from many venues over many days into one centralized big pot. Bigger pots are known to fuel raffle sales and holding a draw over many days and venues simply gives you more places and time to sell tickets. Having an extended raffle is especially useful for events such as stampedes and festivals, where there is a lot going on at different locations. They also well suited for smaller volunteer organizations or budget-conscious charities that want to run week-long raffles using multiple POS (Point-of-Sale) machines set up at various locations through the community. Lastly, unlike single event raffles, extended raffles enable organizations to get to know their customers by collecting contact information and usage habits; useful for optimizing marketing efforts. “Goldrush” is Pointstreak 5050’s* version of a distributed raffle and it is getting noticed by smaller organizations who see the benefits.

*Note: Pointstreak 5050 used to operated under the brand 5050 Central.

Pointstreak 5050: Typical vs. “Goldrush”

Pointstreak’s 5050 typical electronic raffle software is for single events, such as what you see at a MLB or NHL game. Goldrush is a completely different sort of fundraising platform.


distributed raffle system

Who is it for?

A distributed raffle like Goldrush – with its unique benefits – is well suited for these types of organizations:

  1. Multi-location organizations: Organizations with multiple venues spread out over a geographical area, but with common fundraising initiatives (think curling clubs with many rinks) 
  2. Many small organizations: Small, disconnected organizations that share common fundraising goals, but want to unite forces for everyone’s greater good (think minor hockey clubs in the same community).
  3. Community-focused Charities: Grassroots, local or volunteer-driven fundraising charities (think: Boys & Girls Club, Kinsmen, Legions, Kiwanis, Rotary Clubs, Volunteer Fire/Rescue Departments, etc)


What are the benefits?

The main benefits of a decentralized, electronic raffle system like Pointstreak 5050 Goldrush are:


Bigger Pots = More Sales

  • Aggregate small pots into big pots, which is proven to fuel even more sales
  • Pot tallies in real-time across all venue displays, POS screens, TVs, smartphones, etc.
  • Draws run over an entire week or more

“Unite the clans!”

  • Small organizations can combine and coordinate fundraising efforts for maximum effect
  • Pool resources, share people, knowledge and then split the proceeds

Loyalty, Engagement & Foot Traffic

  • Get to know your customers
  • Peace of mind for consumer (they can opt to never miss a draw; they know you will contact them if they win)
  • Attract foot traffic into establishments such as pubs or cafes.
  • “Carry over” pots encourage participation every week
  • Marketing advantage: Because you have customer contact information and channels (printed tickets, display screens, mobile apps) to reach them, Goldrush becomes a powerful marketing tool: Promote your draws (“don’t miss this week’s record raffle”); promote other charity drives or events (“bring a canned good to the rink for our Christmas food drive”) or highlight top supporters (“Susan has participated in 51 consecutive raffles and wins a free dinner at Boston Pizza. Thank you, Susan!”).

Accountability & Professionalism

  • Instant sales reports
  • Easy to reconcile with cash collected
  • Easy to audit
  • Clear reporting/transparency and fast audits for local gaming regulators

Want to learn more or talk to a Pointstreak 5050 representative? Visit www.pointstreak5050.com.





Pointstreak 5050, a division of Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc., is an electronic raffle software system that drives consumer participation in raffle events while providing accountability to the raffle process.  The Pointstreak 5050 system electronically captures every transaction while providing updated real-time raffle information to display devices located throughout the venue. Tickets are sold to fans through fixed touch-screen terminals and mobile devices, creating an effortless data collection system providing faster sales transaction, longer selling periods, accountability and substantial increases in average raffle proceeds. Pointstreak 5050 boasts some of sports’ best brands as clients, with partners across the sports landscape including MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, NLL & CFL as well as several NASCAR events, PGA tournaments and NCAA institutions.

For more information, visit www.pointstreak5050.com.

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