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Greg Pocock, President of the WHL’s

Prince George Cougars and all-around

class act, donated $25k of his own

money to the 50/50 raffle and then

proceeded to give away free tickets to

Cougar fans. It was all to raise money

for theShelly L. Mrkonjic ALS Research

Fund and the end-result was off the

charts: a final jackpot of $67,065…

15 times their average raffle!
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  • Performance Mobile (iOS & Android): Visualize success while on the go right on your iPhone or Android device. Players can review their shifts as well as game video and filter by event (faceoffs, goals, shots, etc); Coaches can focus on one player’s performance to help with analysis and advice. Also view a team’s upcoming calendar and events. Available on Google Play andiTunes.
  • New message center: Coaches and players can now easily message each other through the Performance platform. Coaches can message the entire team or target special groups, for example, you could send a prescout message just to the power play unit. Messages appear in the Performance platform as well as through email notification.
  • Baseball & Basketball stats support: Baseball and basketball statistics generated in Pointstreak Stats are now automatically displayed and updated daily on players’ Performance profiles and team pages.



  • Advanced couponing: Dramatic improvements in our coupon code functionality allows you to easily create sophisticated and customized incentives to lure in more business. For example: You can now give your coupon codes automatic expiry dates after which they will no longer work. You can generate ‘one time use’ codes that can only be used once. After generating a batch of coupons,you can export them to a spreadsheet and then use your email program (Outlook, etc) to send mail merge emails; or you can use the email tool within the Registration platform to send individualized coupons to certain segments of your customer database, for example, a reward to your most loyal customers.
  • Team contact sheet for Team Managers: You can now mark a person on each team as a “Team Manager”. That person can then generate a team contact list with information you pre-define (such as, but not limited to, name, phone, email, positions, jersey #, birthday). This also works for youth registrations where players register into age categories, not teams, and you form teams after try-outs. Imagine the collective time savings for all your team managers who won’t have to find and compile everyone’s contact information into a concise document.




  • Email and SMS blasts: For baseball stats customers, team managers can now email and/or SMS everyone on their team as well as league managers can email and/or SMS the entire league. A perfect tool for important last minute notifications, such as game cancellations.
  • Print rosters & schedules: For basketball stats customers, you can now access printer-friendly rosters and schedules.



  • Roster widget improved: A player’s name within the ‘roster widget’ now links to that player’s profile page in your Pointstreak stats system.
  • Randomize sponsor order: This new option allows you to randomize which sponsor is displayed first within the slider widget so that your visitors don’t only see the same sponsor every single visit (before browsing away).
  • Visitors can subscribe to news articles: Allow your visitors to sign up for daily alerts whenever you post a news articles to your site.


Notifications fixed: Identified issues with game reminders and other notifications not going out has been fixed.


We have upgraded our email system with the goal of only sending the most applicable emails to you. You can always unsubscribe, but we encourage you to pick and choose which Pointstreak products and/or company news you’re most interested in through the new manage your email preferencessection.


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