At Pointstreak Sports Technologies, continued innovation and constant improvement is ingrained in our DNA. It’s what sets us apart from the competition. This is why we are ecstatic to announce our new innovative video streaming enhancements.


Pointstreak Stream, our newly announced live video streaming service, now comes embedded within Game Live (Pointstreak Stats’ interactive live score board) and boasts seamless integration with Live Publisher (Pointstreak’s automated video clip service). Furthermore, Pointstreak Stream is now directly integrated within Pointstreak Performance, effectively creating a seamless, unified experience within our suite of innovative sport software solutions.



Now through our newly programmed integration with Pointstreak Performance, individual player highlights are automatically uploaded to their respective player profiles. This means that players and family members can easily keep track of various highlights, coaches can evaluate player performance more effectively, and most importantly, scouts/recruiters can thoroughly evaluate individual players through a series of investigations involving both statistics and specialized video highlights.




To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of league and team software, visit our blog!


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