In continued collaboration with Narrative Science, a key business partner since 2011, Pointstreak is continuing to improve its lacrosse statistics software for our lax customers, effortlessly creating dramatic game stories out of cut ‘n dry statistics.


If you’ve ever imagined having your own dedicated sports writer to cover every single one of your lacrosse league games, you’re in luck. As part of our Spring 2014 Recap, we have expanded our Auto Game Recap statistics software to lacrosse. Directly integrated into the your Pointstreak-powered website, auto game recap posts a comprehensive game summary to your Pointstreak homepage mere minutes after the game.


Taking things a step further, the instant written summaries are now customized for lacrosse specific language and statistics, making the feature more realistic and relevant. Think of it as a robotic beat writer that covers every single game and never misses a deadline.




To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of league and team software, visit our blog!

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