As part of our Summer 2013 Recap, Pointstreak Sports Technologies is extremely excited to announce several prominent updates to our existing catalogue of sports registration software.


Firstly, building upon our integration with Pointstreak Stats, name changers in your registration system is reflected on the statistics roster. In essence, when you edit a player’s name in your registration system, that change will also be applied to the team roster in the stat system.


Secondly, we have developed a new and improved distributed team payment system. Now, captains and other team organizers can now add their roster and include key information such as their teammates’ email and amount owed by each person. The registration system will then email each person on the team with a link to complete the registration, which includes your waiver and an option to pay their share of the team fee.



Third, with our improved waiver recordkeeping, the content of the waiver will be converted into a PDF (including any digital signing information such as initials or name) and automatically uploaded to the registrant’s account at the time of registration. This makes your waiver highly visible and accessible at any time to both the customer and you as an administrator. This proves to be extremely valuable for demonstrating diligence and reducing your legal liability.


Fourth, we have added a newly developed a “delinquent customer registration alert” feature. From the Outstanding Balance Report, which shows who has a balance owing, registrants can easily add customers to their “Flagged Users Report” (aka “Warning List”). When that person attempts to register, registrants are alerted, allowing them to intervene early to settle their outstanding balance.



Finally, our update to our registration system allows clients to identify incomplete registrations. In the “Registered Report”, users can quickly find registrations that were started but not completed within a certain timeframe. This is useful for proactive sales and marketing efforts (e.g. encourage incomplete registrations to finish before a deadline).



To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of sports software, visit us at our blog!

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