Pointstreak 5050, the industry leader in automated raffling systems, is excited to announce two new additions that will enable it to continue its mission of changing the landscape of fundraising. These features serve to strengthen our existing catalog of features within our proven raffling system, of which is currently used by the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Phoenix Coyotes, Calgary Flames, Hockey Canada, Orlando Magic, PGA Tour, and some Canadian Football League clubs, to name a few.


Our first new feature, part of our Winter 2013 Recap, is the Ask Donation feature, which allows the user to solicit optional donations to help boost fundraising efforts. The Ask Donation feature allows Pointstreak 5050 clients to optionally add a fixed donation to the sale of each 50/50 ticket, with the entirety of the donation going to the charity of the client’s choice. This eliminates the need for manual submission and allows seamless, automatic donations to charities in need. For instance, clients can easily tie a fix donation of twenty-five cents to every 50/50 ticket, thereby dramatically reducing the workload caused by manual entry while simplifying the entire donation process.


Next, our second feature allows Pointstreak 5050’s baseball clients to create new sales reports, which compile sales transactions over a specified time, with columns for First Pitch, Top 3rd, Top 5th, Top 7th and Draw Close. This enables organizers to maximize 50/50 sales revenue by aggregating sales information to see which innings were effective in overall ticket sales, helping to plan the when, where and who of raffle ticket sales efforts.



About Pointstreak 5050:

Pointstreak 5050 is a fun and revolutionary raffling platform that is changing the landscape of fundraising.


The Pointstreak 5050 System tracks and collects raffle purchases through touch screen kiosks, and mobile hand-held devices. Through the use of wired or wireless technology, every transaction is electronically tallied and updated to scoreboards and display areas throughout the venue creating excitement and resulting in proven increases in raffle sales.


The Pointstreak 5050 system ensures accountability, eliminates human error and provides up to the minute reporting for both internal and external recording purposes.


Excitement, Ease of use, affordability, and compliance with local gaming regulations makes Pointstreak 5050 a ‘must have’ when looking to add revenue to your game, event or organization.




To see other additions to Pointstreak’s existing catalog of league and team software, visit our blog!

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