Imagine your buddy calls you up. He says a guy on your team was diagnosed with leukemia. He asks ‘Would you take a swab kit in case your stem cells are a match? You never know… ’. You run through it in your head. I could save this guy’s life, you think. “Count me in” you reply.


Most of us wouldn’t hesitate to help a teammate in such a situation. It’s what teammates – and friends – do for each other. In fact, it’s what men do for those who are weak or are going through a hard time: We Step Up.


We at Pointstreak have a friend who’s going through similar circumstances. He was healthy and active and one day felt a pain in his hips from what he thought was a sports injury. A trip to the doctor’s resulted in the worst news possible. He had a rare form of leukemia; cancer of the bone marrow. A stem-cell transplant could save his life, but after checking against a database of 22 million worldwide registered donors, no suitable match came up. Imagine that.


So we’re teaming up to help a man down. In partnership with Canadian Blood Services’ OneMatch, we’re asking for your help. If you’re a male aged 17 to 35, please consider becoming a registered donor through onehero.ca. They mail you a swab kit, you swab your cheeks, you mail it back. It’s a simple and pain-free process, though make sure you understand the whole process.


OneMatch swab kit
A OneMatch swab kit gets sent to you in the mail. You swab your cheeks and send it back.



To help spread the word, we’re offering a chance to win a brand new pair of skates to anyone who shares onehero.ca on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Just include the hashtag #teamingupforamandown to be automatically entered. Contest ends July 31st, 2014. Read the full details plus rules and regulations here.


Note: You don’t have to register as a donor to enter this contest, just share onehero.ca, but some serious kudos if you do. Look at it this way, if our grandfathers could storm the beaches of Normandy, then the least our generation could do is swab our cheeks to possibly save a life!


Canadian Blood Services

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